• Quick Heal Total Security

    For secure online banking, smooth Internet surfing, and robust protection for your PC.
    • Safe Banking protects your financial data during online banking and shopping.
    • Parental Control lets you manage and control Internet and computer access for your kids.
    • Enhanced Malware Protection blocks spyware, adware, keyloggers, and other malware.

    Quick Heal Internet Security

    Bank, chat, email, and browse online with round-the-clock security.
    • Secures your financial transactions on the Internet.
    • Automatically blocks infected, fake and phishing websites.
    • Blocks spam, infected, and phishing emails.

    Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro

    Tough on malware, light on your PC.
    • Protects your data from data-stealing malware.
    • Stops unknown threats that traditional antivirus software don’t.
    • Automatically blocks websites that can infect your PC.

    Quick Heal Total Security for Mac

    Reliable Internet security created to protect your Mac against zero-day threats, malicious software, spam and other online threats. Automatic updates secure your Mac from latest threats without slowing it down.
    • Protection against all cross platform malware makes file exchange hassle-free for individual users or in corporate environments.
    • Parental Control gives you the power to control, schedule and manage Internet access for your kids.

    Quick Heal AntiVirus for Server

    Heavy-duty performer with robust web security and easy management for large corporate servers.
    • Detects viruses before they infect the system.
    • Protects data from data-stealing malware.
    • Powerful spam filter identifies and separates junk and unwanted emails.

    Quick Heal PCTuner 3

    If you want to know how to speed up your PC, then look no further than Quick Heal PCTuner. Here's what it does for your computer.
    • Gets rid of junk files from your PC.
    • Deletes traces of mostly used applications in the system.
    • Removes unwanted programs from startup.
    • Deletes files securely so that they remain unrecoverable.